The KINKS – ” BBC In Concert ” 1973

Posted: February 5, 2021 in MUSIC
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Dave Davies, who first came to prominence as lead guitarist and co-founder of The Kinks; he has been an original & unpredictable force, without whom guitar-rock styles including heavy metal & punk would have been inconceivable; he slashed the speaker cone of an Elpico amp with a razor blade & fed it into a larger amp, thereby ‘Inventing’ pregain & a raunchy guitar sound that turned rock’n’roll guitar playing on its head, as heard on The Kinks first major hit ‘You Really Got Me’ in 1964. 

In addition to his dozens of albums with The Kinks, Dave has released a series of respected solo albums over the years; his evolution as a musician, songwriter & recording artist has paralleled his passionate pursuit of spiritual knowledge – a story told on his DVD, ‘Dave Davies Kronikles: Mystrical Journey’ he also released, with his son Russ Davies, The Aschere Project – ‘Two Worlds’…a futuristic concept album described as sounding like “Art Of Noise meets Pink Floyd”.

The Kinks in Concert BBC 1973

Ray Davies (lead vocals/guitar), Dave Davies (lead guitar), John Dalton (bass guitar), John Gosling (piano) Mick Avery (drums),

Setlist: Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Lola, You Really Got Me All Day and All of The Night, Waterloo Sunset.

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