MOONTYPE – ” About You “

Posted: February 5, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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May be an image of text that says 'MOONTYPE WA OF WATER'

Chicago trio Moontype have announced their debut album “Bodies of Water”, due out on April 2nd via Born Yesterday Records. They’ve also shared a new track, “About You,” which follows their debut single “Ferry.” “About You” is a snappy, easy going piece of indie-pop tune, and its giddy tempo changes mimic the excitement of being drawn to someone who’s an instant mood-booster. Lead singer/bassist Margaret McCarthy’s vocals are trustworthy and sweet, as she beams about touching memories with a close friend over peppy guitars. “When I wrote ‘About You’ I was sitting in my apartment missing my friend who had gone abroad for the semester and thinking about all the moments that made our friendship so special. The friendship began as a crush but it slowly melted into something more lasting we made a synth together, we wrote songs together and I really just wanted to be around them most of the time!”

McCarthy says. “There was this feeling of being two magnets, pulling towards each other, but the pull doesn’t stay that strong forever and I wanted to remember what it felt like at the start. I’m grateful I wrote it down in that way because now me and my friend fall in and out of touch but every time we play that song I remember how special they are and how important they are to me.


Moontype is Ben Cruz, Emerson Hunton, and Margaret McCarthy.

From “Bodies of Water” out April 2nd on Born Yesterday Records.

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