NISA – ” Ferris Wheel “

Posted: January 27, 2021 in MUSIC
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If you’ve been paying attention, we have quite high hopes for the future of Nisa, undoubtedly one of New York’s most talented rising talents. She will release her debut EP, “Guilt Trip”, in March, described a collection of songs described as “rooted in emotional detachment and reticence, especially surrounding dissolved relationships and a failure to communicate.”

Nisa has followed up the previously released “Bottom Feeder” with the equally triumphant new single “Ferris Wheel,” a song about the whirlwind dynamics of a long-distance relationship, and “the rollercoaster of emotions involved with trying to keep the ups and downs in check.”

It’s another powerful 90’s-esque rock anthem that sees her hone in on her already well-defined sound, while also continuing to expand her sonic reach yet maintaining a relatable emotional chord. She continues to find the perfect balance between something familiar yet brand new at the same time. You feel every ounce of every word and this passion is captured in perfect fashion in the music video that she has shared along with its release.

It was filmed in London with creative direction by Angela Ricciardi 

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