JOHN WESLEY HARDING – ” Don’t Look Back “

Posted: January 26, 2021 in MUSIC
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We are very proud to announce the premiere of “DON’T LOOK BACK NOW” on Thursday 4th February at 8pm EST. Filmed at Union Hall, Brooklyn on October 27th, 2008, the movie features seventeen songs, on which Wesley is accompanied by Robert Lloyd and Chris von Sneidern with invaluable assistance from Deni Bonet and Josh Ritter.

This streaming premiere, which will be on my YouTube channel, Wesley Stace Presents – and for which we will announce the specific URL as soon as we know it – is entirely free to you. Not only that but I will be on hand, with Robert and Chris, to discuss what we’re seeing – in their case, mostly for the first time – and to answer any pertinent questions you may have. The film will then disappear from YouTube entirely: one showing only. However, you can watch the movie whether you have an account or not. “Don’t Look Back Now” is the first ever concert film of me actually singing my own songs. Twelve of the songs were previously released on the bonus CD that came with “Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead“. On 2/5 – which happens to be the next Bandcamp Friday – that album, now the soundtrack to this film, will go on sale at Bandcamp, along with the five bonus tracks included in Don’t Look Back Now.

With purchase of the album, a mere $10, you will also get a free download of the highest resolution version of the movie. So it’s either a 17 song live album with a free movie, or a movie with 12 songs on a CD you already had, but five you didn’t. Think of it how you like. The beautiful poster here is designed by Morgan LeFaye Narkiewicz, with fonts and titles designed for the movie by Stefan G. Bucher.

John Wesley Harding – guitar and vocals Robert Lloyd – mandolin and accordion Chris von Sneidern – guitar and vocals Deni Bonet – violin and vocals Josh Ritter – vocals

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