LAEL NEALE – ” Blue Vein “

Posted: January 21, 2021 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Singer/songwriter Lael Neale recently signed to Sub Pop Records, and she’ll release her new album “Acquainted With Night” on February 19th via the label. It features recent single “Every Star Shivers in the Dark” and the just-released “Blue Vein.” Like the previous single, it’s an Omnichord-fuelled offering of dream pop/psych folk that fans of Mazzy Star and Beach House should not sleep on. Acquainted With Night features ten tracks, and includes the previously released standouts “Every Star Shivers in the Dark” and “For No One For Now.”

Well…It is my great honour and thrill to announce I have signed with Sub Pop Records !!! In celebration, we are sharing my debut single and video “Every Star Shivers in the Dark”  which is available NOW everywhere, directed the video & the song was produced by Guy Blakeslee & was mastered by Chris Coady my excitement is beyond measure immense thanks to the good people of Sub Pop Records, Uncut calls the album, “A thing of shimmering beauty, led by Neale’s otherworldly voice with its shades of Vashti Bunyan and Julia Holter.”

“Blue Vein” is her personal anthem. A Paul Revere piece. Galloping through the town as a strident declamation. She offers this, “I wrote this song pre-Omnichord and it is the only recording I play guitar on. I wrote it around New Year’s Eve and it felt like a resolution.” Indeed, it is an amalgam of thoughts, concerns, and lessons as she nearly speaks the words, unmasked by flourishes, ensuring the meaning cuts through. In the final verse she states that, “some say the truth springs for reservoir seekers, but I think the truth sings to whoever listens” thereby establishing herself as the proverbial carrier pigeon delivering a message.

Lael returned to her family farm back in April 2020 and has taken advantage of the limitations imposed by this period. She re-discovered her Sony Handycam from high school and is using it to make impressionistic companion pieces to the songs she recorded in Los Angeles. She continues, “I am enjoying the strong contrast between the songs I wrote and recorded in California and the videos I am making for them in Virginia. It offers something unexpected.”

The lo-fi quality of the films certainly suits the tone of the album. Guy comments, “an idea that was floating around in our conversations before and during the process was ‘lost tapes’ – and I think these recordings feel like such an artifact – a sonic portrait of a season of a life, a sacred tape made in private by an artist at the peak of creative power and rediscovered by chance for the ages.”

“Blue Vein” by Lael Neale from her album Acquainted with Night (Release Date: 02/19/2021) Sub Pop Records.

Acquainted with Night

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