GEN and the DEGENERATES – ” Cocaine “

Posted: January 14, 2021 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Liverpool post-punkers Gen and the Degenerates have wasted no time in announcing live dates for 2021 and their audience will be as eager as them to share in the eccentric energy of their live shows. This, they say is only the beginning of their plans for the year – and we’ll be waiting to hear what else they have in store. Gen and the Degenerates have been causing a stir across Merseyside so far in 2019. Playfully aggressive and a message worth listening to, people are learning what the Degenerates knew all along: They’re destined for big things.

“If Gen and The Degenerates keep releasing music like ‘Cocaine’ and ‘Jesus Green’ then they will almost certainly be headlining big venues in the next year.”

Gen and The Degenerates are Infamous for their high energy, larger than life, live performances. Making a hobby of gate crashing the UK music scene, bringing with them their unique breed of blood and thunder rock n roll, they have appeared alongside Strange Bones , WSTR , Bang Bang Romeo , The Ninth Wave and many more.

A track about diving head first into a toxic relationship, despite knowing it’ll only end badly. Gen Degenerate throws caution to the wind as she sings, “you’re the kind of girl that I’d like to ruin my life…”.Littered with fluttering hooks to match the feelings of attraction, the song builds and builds towards a tense release. The melody is infectious as it wraps around Gen’s words. It’s fun, in your face and loud. Speaking about the song, Gen Degenerate said: “I wrote this song about an ex-girlfriend who I knew was going to be terrible for me but pursued anyway. “Even though she did ruin my life, I still love this song because it celebrates a flawed queer woman.

I don’t think the media and music industry uses its platform to celebrate them enough. As a flawed queer woman myself, I can verify that we’re fucking fantastic.” If Gen and the Degenerates keep producing songs like ‘Very Fast, Very Dangerous’, ‘Cocaine’ and ‘Jesus Green’, then it won’t be long before the media and the rest of the music industry celebrate the flawed queer woman and her degenerates.

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