SLUGS – ” Super Sane “

Posted: January 13, 2021 in MUSIC
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Los Angeles-based quartet SLUGS first appeared back in 2018 with their EP, “Cool World“, a record that caught the attention of many blogs, and saw the band share stages with the likes of Jessica Lea Mayfield, The Districts and Let’s Eat Grandma. Since then things have gone a little quiet, which all changed last month, when they returned with a brand-new single, “Super Sane“.

Citing influences from Linda Perhacs to The Oh Sees, Slugs are not a band easily pigeon-holed, with a sound that flutters from the sweetly melodic to the riotously energetic. Super Sane is probably the band at their most restrained, as washes of burbling electronics and gently meandering guitars create a gorgeous backing for vocalist Marissa Longstreet’s impassioned vocal delivery.

This is a song of sweet juxtapositions, at times it feels intimate and insular, the next fierce and strong-willed, as it seems to muse on ideas of healing and finding a path to acceptance of your lot. While plans for the year ahead remain as yet unconfirmed, there’s enough here to hint that the return of Slugs is a reason to be very excited about whatever is coming next.

Vocals/Guitar – Marissa Longstreet Vocals/Bass – Sarsten Noice Guitar – Josh Beavers Drums – Dash Hutton

“Super Sane” Written by SLUGS

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