RYAN ADAMS – ” Wednesday’s ” Best Album Of 2020

Posted: January 13, 2021 in MUSIC
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The seventeenth studio album by American singer-songwriter Ryan Adams. Originally slated for release in 2019, it was delayed following abuse allegations against Adams. It was eventually surprise-released digitally on December 11th, 2020 through Adams’s label PAX AM. Physical editions are scheduled for March 19th, 2021. — “Right out of the gate, the honesty of Wednesdays hits full force, with the track “I’m Sorry and I Love You.” It’s unclear how much more this record may have changed since 2019 besides the decision to alter the cover artwork, but this opening track definitely feels like an apology from Ryan to the fans who may have felt betrayed or hurt by the allegations that came from the Times article.

There’s just something more earnest at play here, a next level of unbridled honesty that makes the effort behind Prisoner seem almost trivial in comparison. And it only gets deeper the further you go into the track list. For me, the standout tracks of the album are definitely “Poison and Pain” which has lyrics such as: “I was so bad on my own Drawing maps inside my soul to places nobody goes Woke up confused, just staring at my telephone Waiting like I’d ever hear your voice again,” Every song on this record has lyrical moments that take your breath away.

There isn’t a track that I would skip upon re-listening. Each one has its purpose and as a whole, the album functions as one cohesive unit of emotive gravity. As far as I am concerned, this is a perfect album.”

Ryan Adams new album ‘Wednesdays’ is now available to stream

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