KIWI Jnr – ” Cooler Returns “

Posted: January 10, 2021 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Buildings burning in every direction; macabre unknowns in your friendly neighbour’s basement;  under pressure we could call Kiwi Jr’s “Cooler Returns” “timely.” But what year is it, again? On their sophomoric smash-up album released world-wide by Sub Pop Records, Kiwi Jr troll through the recent zigs & looming zags of the new decade, forgotten and under-investigated small town diner fires, piecing together low-stakes conspiracy theories on what’s coming down the pike in 2021. Put together like a thousand-piece puzzle, assembled in flow state through the first dull stretch of quarantine, sanitized singer “Cooler Returns” materializes as a sprawling survey from the first few bites of what has been the terrible twenties. 

Not so long since their debut “Football Money” in unending grey eons later in the years of quaran-time, spiritually Canadians Kiwi Jr return to disseminate this year’s annual report to the shareholders, burying the incriminating numbers in the endless appendices of a longform narrative record.

Opener “Tyler” builds a Frankenstein of all your musician exes; don’t you remember “falling apart in the green room while they drank half the headliner’s rider?” In “Waiting In Line” we’re still slumbering at the bar, We hear “it isn’t past until it burns,” in “Maid Marian’s Toast” but what explains the accompanying & extensive itinerary of incinerated Eastern Canadian eateries? Investigated off the clock by Kiwi’s Jr.  Throughout these crises, histories, and head games Kiwi Jr. don’t expect you to be taking notes or checking dates – and on the back nine, when “Omaha” demands proof that “Woodstock ever happened in the first place,” perhaps the freewheeling guitar groove underfoot tells us all we need to know about who’s been flipping through the festival files, air-drumming along.

Kiwi Jr sing this song to an indoor audience, only song writing remaining to deliver engrossing tales to the populace, just how I imagine it worked in the old days. Best Wishes, Warm Regards, Good Luck? Cooler Returns. 

Kiwi Jr. is Jeremy Gaudet (mic, guitar), Brohan Moore (drums), Mike Walker (bass), and Brian Murphy (guitar). 

Releases January 22nd, 2021 on Sub Pop Records

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