VALLEY MAKER – ” When The Day Leaves “

Posted: January 9, 2021 in MUSIC
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Quavering vocal harmonies and delicate acoustic accents roll through a blissful backcountry scene on Valley Maker‘s “No One Is Missing”, in part recalling the dusky lo-fi plains of Kurt Vile and Cass McCombs – lyrics interpreting the organic unison of nature and the art of music as a form of remedying the pandemic’s myriad social repercussions.

Seattle-based for the last ten years, Crane, along with his family, recently decamped to South Carolina – an uprooting and re-assimilation that finds a voice in the upcoming third album “When The Day Leaves”. Crane expands upon the bearing this had on the premise of his latest track: “I wrote this song, along with much of When The Day Leaves, as a way of grappling with the partiality and temporality of how we connect with one another, I guess as an attempt to collect and reflect on recent experiences of loss, love, leaving, returning, missing, etc. While recent months of social distancing have often felt isolating, I’m continually grateful for how music and the natural world can remind us we’re not alone.”


“When The Day Leaves”, the new album from Valley Maker
will be released on February 19th, 2021 on Frenchkiss Records

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