SONNY LANDRETH – ” Blacktop Run “

Posted: December 26, 2020 in MUSIC
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Slide guitar magic man Sonny Landreth lays it all on us on his 2020 record “Black Top Run”, a wonderful set of music released by Provogue/Mascot Label Group. Landreth is perhaps the most identifiable guitarist in American music and routinely melds blues, rock, swamp, and singer-songwriter DNA into one of the few truly original styles in the roots music world. Black Top Run combines vocal and instrumental cuts to great effect and paints a clear picture of Landreth’s monumental talent and keen instincts. Just listen and let his sound wash over you.

Landreth is a major talent whose playing style and song writing chops conspire to give his work the kind of individuality most musicians will never attain. He’s been nominated for a Grammy, won two Blues Music Awards, and leaves stunned, happy crowds in his wake wherever he goes. “Black Top Run” is a ten-song collection of vocal songs and instrumentals that takes his fans along on another ride in this award-winning direction.

The record was mostly tracked at the renowned Dockside Studios on the Vermilion River south of Lafayette, Louisiana and was co-produced by Landreth, RS Field, and Tony Daigleto. Field was behind the desk on three of Landreth’s career-making albums and reuniting with him provided a huge boost to these sessions. Backed up by bassist David Ranson, drummer Brian Brignac, and keyboardist/songwriter Steve Conn, Landreth elevated his already-monumental game and captured some of the best music he has ever made. He effortlessly incorporates blues, rock, swamp, and singer-songwriter influences into one of the few truly original styles to be found in roots music.

“Blacktop Run”, the title track from Sonny Landreth new album out everywhere

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