BASIA BULAT – ” Love is at the End of the World “

Posted: December 17, 2020 in MUSIC
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“Way before I even started recording I had written an e-mail to Jim (James) saying ‘I want to make this album about compassion and empathy’. It was early 2017 so there had been a lot of major shifts, planetary and energy shifts all over the place. I had no idea how much I would need this record for myself when I was working on it. Just to put this positive vibration out into the world but also to hear and sing these songs back to myself was more important than I could have ever imagined.

I realized I had been writing all these songs with so many questions. Every single song on the record has a question in it except for the last one, which I had started initially as a bit of a mantra or meditation, a George Harrison influenced kind of thinking. Here’s a statement to choose love over fear, or over negativity, or over borders and walls. Even when it feels like the world is ending in the darkest place I’m going to promise myself that that’s what I’m going to choose. I didn’t even realize how much singing it would have that effect on me as well as that reminder. So it felt good to have that at the end after all these questions.

It’s really fun to play when it goes off into outer space in the rock section! Like I’m very insistent on this statement, like I mean it for real. Especially since we were working on it in the Joshua Tree it kind of feels like that moment of the day where everything’s quiet but all of a sudden the song has gotten down and everything goes straight off into the stars at that point. I had this idea for a crazy space rock solo at the end and that’s played by Jim. One of the benefits of having him around!” . Basia Bulat

Basia Bulat “Love Is At The End Of The World” from the album “Are You In Love?

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