FLEET FOXES – ” Can I Believe You “

Posted: December 13, 2020 in MUSIC
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Perhaps no song on Fleet Foxes’s excellent 4th LP, “Shore”, illustrates the album’s concept of celebrating life amid our inner demons’ best attempts to thwart it quite like “Can I Believe You.” Singer Robin Pecknold literally talks to his mind about the struggle to communicate with his own thoughts, impulses and anxieties and in vintage Fleet Foxes fashion, that conversation is washed in bucolic beauty. On an album that Pecknold produced on his own throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he found incredible ways to involve his band and collaborators. On “Can I Believe You,” it’s an edited megamix chorus of 500 fans on Instagram who sent clips to Pecknold of them singing the hymnal. It’s a gorgeous and thoughtful representation of how strange, but still magnificent, making music in 2020 can be.

Fleet Foxes released their fourth album, “Shore”, on the Autumnal Equinox. With this in mind, it’s hard not to hear it as a perfect fall companion, and especially the fall 2020 companion. It’s music that’s vibrant and full of life in a climate that has been harsh and dreary and full of let-downs. Robin Pecknold’s vocals are strong and hopeful, opening up a new blue sky for the days to come. The band has grown a lot through their career, and Shore reads like they’ve brushed off the unnecessary bits that might have held on from past albums, resulting in tracks are strong from beginning to end. “A Long Way Past The Past” shines as a standout track, carrying through Pecknold’s Laurel Canyon folk-inspired harmonies and beautifully blended guitar and horns. As Pecknold sings, “And oh man, was it that much better then? We were left alone, we were proud of our pain,” he has a moment of reflection—what seems so hard now might not feel so bad later. 

“Can I Believe You” by Fleet Foxes from the album ‘Shore’, available now

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