WAYLON PAYNE – ” Blue Eyes, The Harlot, The Queer, The Pusher & Me “

Posted: December 10, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Waylon Payne, Blue Eyes, The Harlot, The Queer, The Pusher & Me

The second album from Waylon Payne is a defiant account of addiction, trauma, and recovery. It’s the first effort in 13 years from Payne, a Nashville-based country songwriter, and it tells the story of his past decade overcoming drug abuse, homelessness, and the loss of his parents in four breath taking acts. He confronts his demons on the gorgeous “Dangerous Criminal,” and comes out on the other side on the rollicking “Back From the Grave,” which was co-written by country heavyweights Brandy Clark and Clint Lagerberg. It’s a masterpiece of humanist storytelling and there’s something close to closure on the closing act highlight “Santa Ana Winds.” 

In interviews this year, Waylon Payne spoke of the songs on his second album, Blue Eyes, The Harlot, The Queer, The Pusher & Me, as though they were works of unfiltered emotional purging. In fact, his intimate sharing about the warping of pivotal relationships in his life abounds in a thoroughly earthy kind of profundity. From his gusts of ruefulness during “High Horse” — about his father’s death preventing a reckoning — to his elegant pining during the orchestrated pop tune “Old Blue Eyes” — for a companion he lost to shared addiction — and his terse but deeply felt desperation during the churning country-blues of “All the Trouble,” his range as a personalized storyteller is riveting. 

From the album ‘Blue Eyes, The Harlot, The Queer, The Pusher & Me’

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