The JAYHAWKS – ” Dogtown Days “

Posted: December 6, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Previous Jayhawks’ records primarily featured the work of leader Gary Louris (or if one goes back far enough Louris and Mark Olson). XOXO features significant contributions from every longstanding member in the band. Each one is in charge of how his/her songs were arranged and recorded, as well as their parts on the co-written material. The album’s title was intended as a nod to Elliot Smith’s sensitive masterwork XO. Indeed, songs such as “Homecoming” and “This Forgotten Town” would fit right in with Smith’s delicate yet noisy oeuvre. XOXO does not have a cohesive theme as much as a consistent sunshiny tone in the land of gloom: the silver lining to the dark cloud. Even the sad songs seem to contain a wistful smile. We may be “Living in a Bubble” due to COVID-19, where Big Brother and the television news seem to control how we see the world when we are afraid to go outside, but things could be worse. “Life may be full of trouble”, but it beats the alternative. And there are ways to escape and find our sanity, if only momentarily.

The Jayhawks are very excited to premiere the full length version of the “Dogtown Days” video. Directed by renowned director and rock video pioneer Philip Harder and filmed in May 2020 during quarantine, the video tells the story of two friends on a road trip to see a Jayhawks show in the 7th St. Entry, circa 1985.

This dramatic video was produced with social distancing filming techniques and expertly integrates some archival footage of the band culled from several time periods, including actual 1985 footage shot in the Entry. Dogtown Days has a little bit of everything that makes for a great video: stunning cinematography, thrilling drone shots, an engaging plot and characters, a cool “reveal” and even an easter egg for astute students of Jayhawks history.

The beautiful full length “film short” version of Dogtown Days – featuring an extended prologue and an evocative, three dimensional sound design not found in the standard version – makes its debut today exclusively on The Jayhawks digital properties.

The 2nd single from The Jayhawks “XOXO” album, coming July 10 on Sham/Thirty Tigers.

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