FLYTE – ” Never Get To Heaven “

Posted: December 5, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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A new song for December. Just a guitar and our three voices this time. Will wrote this as a wee 14 year old boy but somehow it only made sense to release it now, at the end of this truly bizarre year.

Flyte have returned with yet another new song with “Never Get To Heaven” and no surprise, it’s another stunning listen. The track is the latest song shared from their next body of work, which we should be getting sometime early in the new year that we all want to desperately get to as soon as possible. “Never Get To Heaven” sounds like a classic song that has been with you all of your life and for frontman Will Taylor, in some ways, it has. He actually penned this track when he was just 14-years-old, replicating a chant from his stint in the scouts as an 8 year old. He reworked it again when he was 14 and then discovering its potential as an adult in today’s world, realizing its perfect use as an eulogy to the end of his adult relationship.

It’s Flyte at their most stripped down and vulnerable, with their three voices sharing the stage as a sad acoustic guitar guides them home. But it’s all they need to send the message home and they nail it, as always. Find the full quote from Taylor about the song below, along with a stream of the track as well as a great live performance that the band did in the forest at Blenheim Palace. “Funnily enough, I wrote this song aged only 14. I remember thinking it would be a very clever and grown up exercise to re-appropriate a chant from my stint in the scouts as an 8 year old. My 14 year old self, then advanced in years and wisdom, putting a post modern spin on a childish relic. Using it as a vehicle for all my pain and suffering.

Strangely, so very many years later, it had achieved it’s depth. It had become the perfect eulogy to the end of my adult relationship. An adolescent attempt at world weariness had become meaningful. For an album based entirely around a break up, it’s a god’s-eye view, nursery rhyme that closes the album with the perfect quiet defiance The post Flyte share new song “Never Get To Heaven” first appeared on We All Want Someone To Shout For music blog.

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