SOFT BLUE SHIMMER – ” Heaven Inches Away “

Posted: December 2, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Disposable America Record’s appearance on this list – god, those guys are smashing it right now – comes in the form of Los Angeles quartet Soft Blue Shimmer. On ‘Fruitcake,’ the aptly named group fuse dreamy vocals and spun gold guitars to make a sound that’s quite simply heaven made. Written about not being able to shut off your thoughts, contrastingly ‘Fruitcake’ provides an illusory island of calm where worries are dispelled as soon as your feet hit the beach. 

Seasonal reminder that your average nine-track shoegaze album is cheaper than a new sweater! The debut from Los Angeles Soft Blue Shimmer arrived just in time for the temperatures to drop freakishly late in the year, with Heaven Inches Away providing the audio equivalent to throwing on the biggest top in your closet and spending an unreasonable amount of time just sitting next to your radiator, thinking about getting up to do something productive. Upon early inspection, the album’s climax appears to be the hazy sendoff, recalling the same cosmological space warbled about by Cocteau Twins with the cool, laid-back demeanor of someone who could only be unstuck in time in the frantic year 2020. 


Noisy dream pop from LA, CA. Charlie, Kenzo, & Meredith.

Released November 27th, 2020

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