GOLDEN ONES – ” Nowhere Fast “

Posted: November 27, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Golden Ones are a high energy rock n’ roll band with driving guitars, powerful vocals, melodic bass lines and a glam sensibility. Weaving a plethora of influences into their sound, you can hear dashes of classic rock, 70’s glam, 80’s/90’s alternative and a bit of 2000’s emo in their debut album, “Nowhere Fast.” Recommended if you like: Pat Benatar, T-Rex, Palaye Royale, Cherry Glazerr, White Reaper, Meg Meyers, 

Golden Ones aren’t mainstays on those legendary stages yet, but don’t be surprised when they are.

Based out of Tulsa, OK, Golden Ones are a throwback to the days of sweat equity rock and roll. Oozing that 1970’s rock & roll vibe, Golden Ones are made up of three parts: glitter, glam and rock & roll. Think Heart from the days of “Barracuda.” this foursome harkens back to those days so much their even name comes from David Bowie’s “Oh! You Pretty Things”

Led by powerhouse vocalist Sarah Frick, the band will unleash their first full length album “Nowhere Fast” on November 27th. Crunchy guitars, infectious melodies and disgustingly delicious slithery grooves, it’s all there. Sliding into the release on the heels of their most recent single “Larger Than Life,” Frick chatted about the tune, the album and where the songs come from. There are too many to list, but I think the main influence for this song is T. Rex,” muses Frick. “We’re big fans of Marc Bolan and I wanted to write something that had a gritty 1970’s glam rock vibe. I really like the imagery in this song, I want the listener to be able to picture themselves in that Camaro, or in that 1970’s bedroom with a KISS poster on the wall, glitter on their fingers and platforms on.”

Recorded at Paradise Studio (Leon Russell’s old lake house studio) in Tia Juana, OK, 


The Band:

Sarah Frick – vocals / rhythm guitar
Jesse Frick – bass
Sean Fisher – guitar
Jay Sullivan – drums

Released November 27th, 2020

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