PORCHES – ” I Miss That “

Posted: November 26, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Porches, the one-man-band project of New York-based musician Aaron Maine, is back with new single “I Miss That”. On top of a galloping pop tune carried along by bright, taut snare hits and warbling synths, Maine laments in his signature honey-coated raspy vocals, “I couldn’t believe what I had / So I threw it away I was bad / Just thinking I like that, I like that, I like that / I miss that, I miss that, now I miss that.”

“I Miss That” follows the release of Porches’ fourth album, “Ricky Music”. It arrived in March of 2020, featuring contributions from Zsela and Dev Hynes, with production by Jacob Portrait. Bonus track “Rangerover” recently underwent the remix treatment, courtesy of Frank Ocean collaborator Vegyn,

A veritable buzz kid just a few years ago, Aaron Maine’s last two releases as Porches — including this year’s Ricky Music haven’t quite resonated as much with indie rock’s always fickle critics. I have no idea why; the noirish synth hooks and glassy guitars he’s always brandished are here in full, enthralling effect, including the trembly, Guided By Voices-inspired “PFB” (a 33-second ditty that repeats the mantra, “It’s looking pretty fucking dad,”) and the woozy “Hair,” which contains the priceless snippet, “I’m kinda pretty/kinda busted too.” The real capper on this album is “Rangerover,” an insanely catchy and immediate burst of vocally-altered energy.

Critical Praise for Ricky Music:
“his strongest collection yet.” – VICE
“jagged sonic shards that come together with the indeterminate logic of a dream…ephemeral and enigmatic” – Interview Magazine
“perfect imperfections and occasionally jaw-dropping moments of emotional clarity” – The FADER
“his most varied and far-reaching batch of songs so far” – Paste
“his shortest album, but it also feels like his most urgent and expressive…the most compelling portrait of the artist yet” – Office Magazine
“the most ‘Porches’ record to date — an amalgamation of all of his previous releases that plays to his strengths” – i-D
“the sound of strong emotions mediated by stronger technology, a very pure reflection of the world in which we live.” – AV Club

Porches “I Miss That”, out now on Domino Record Co.

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