JOHANNA WARREN – ” Twisted “

Posted: November 17, 2020 in MUSIC

Back in May, acclaimed singer-songwriter Johanna Warren released her fifth album, “Chaotic Good”, the centerpiece of which is the intense exorcism “Twisted.” For the raw, haunting song’s music video, she teamed with one of our favourite visual artists, Richey Beckett — known for his stunning artwork for Metallica, Black Sabbath, Killswitch Engage, Mastodon and others — who made his directorial debut creating the clip (Warren co-directed it), bringing his eye for drama and detail to the cinematic piece.

The “Twisted” video, which sees Warren playing dual roles: a Kurt Cobain-esque grunge rocker and a high-school cheerleader whose stories reflect, contrast and intertwine with each other. She describes the song and video as “a love letter to Nineties grunge — and a personal psychomagic ritual about polarity, gender, fame and desire.” 

A love letter to 90s grunge—and a personal psychomagic ritual about polarity, gender, fame and desire—the concept for this video has been haunting me for a couple years now. Back in March I was excitedly driving up the West Coast to shoot “Twisted” in its spiritual home of Seattle, when the first COVID lockdowns began. It was a tough call, but as the borders started to close I decided to cancel the shoot and hop on a last minute flight to the UK to quarantine with my partner Richey Beckett in rural Wales, where I’ve been ever since.

It was for sure the right decision, but I was heartbroken to have sacrificed the video. Richey and I have spent much of lockdown nerding out about movies,  writing, conspiring, dreaming of making films together. When the question came up, “Is the Twisted video ever going to happen?” we realised there was an opportunity to bring the shoot to the UK and make it ourselves, a collaborative filmmaking debut of sorts. Through a series of serendipities, we were able to very quickly pull together a micro crew of super talented BAFTA award-winning geniuses who helped realize this vision in a higher form than I’d ever imagined.

“Twisted” is taken from Johanna Warren’s album Chaotic Good, out now on Wax Nine / Carpark Records.

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