FRANCIS LUNG – ” Brooklyn Gurls “

Posted: November 17, 2020 in MUSIC
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Initially I just wanted to record a version of “Brooklyn Gurls” after it being requested a lot during my livestreams b/c a definitive version didn’t exist. When I’d finished I asked fans on Instagram which other songs/versions they’d enjoyed and I half listened/half did what I wanted and thusly the track-listing was born. I hadn’t recorded anything completely alone at home since my Vol I EP (2015) so I wanted to dust off my engineering chops. It was recorded on a Yamaha MT8X Cassette 8 track & Logic, and features vinyl samples of various classical records (which may or may not be in the public domain), and I also stole an intro from a punk compilation featuring my English teacher’s old band. There are mellow versions of Up & Down & Unnecessary Love from A Dream Is U for sad people who hate drums, an electric cover of J Mascis‘ acoustic guitar bummer ‘Several Shades of Why’, completely undanceable versions of Dance 4 Sorrow & A Selfish Man and a bluegrass cover of Paul Westerbergs ‘Androgynous’ dedicated to every non-binary kid out there struggling, growing up in a world that doesn’t want them to have rights. I guess that for better or worse, this is a pivotal time and I wanted to put out a record that was a snapshot of this moment, like a piece of wedding cake that sits in the freezer for 30 years and ends up lasting longer than your marriage.


released July 22nd, 2020

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