The BANGLES – ” Doll Revolution “

Posted: November 8, 2020 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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DOLL REVOLUTION (black Friday 2020)

The Bangles are one of the greatest all-girl bands in rock history, renowned for their song writing, harmonies, and chops. “Doll Revolution” is the fourth studio album by American pop rock band the Bangles. It was originally released in March 2003 in Europe and Japan, and in September of that year in the United States. It was the first album by the group since their 1998 reunion.

And yet “Doll Revolution”, one of their best records, has never been out on vinyl. that’s because it fell into that late ‘90s/early 2000s gap when vinyl was considered dead (ha)! now, with full support of the band, real gone music brings Doll Revolution to its rightful format for the first time with a streaked-pink pressing limited to 1500 hand-numbered copies, exclusive for record store day/black friday. a 2-lp set brought to you in sumptuous gatefold packaging with insert. features one of our favourite bangles songs, “Ride the Ride!”

Including 15 songs, it is the group’s lengthiest album. All tracks were co-composed by members of the band, with the exception of “Tear Off Your Own Head” which was written by Elvis Costello and had previously appeared on his 2002 album When I Was Cruel. Some songs had been already released in the 1990s by band members on other bands they worked with after the band split: “Mixed Messages” and “The Rain Song”, both written by Vicki Peterson, had been released in the Continental Drifters albums, while “Ask Me No Questions” was released by Debbi Peterson with her band Kindred Spirit. “Nickel Romeo” and “Between The Two”, while never released, had been debuted by Michael Steele with her band Crash Wisdom in live shows in 1994.

The album spawned three singles. The lead single, “Something That You Said”, reached No. 38 in the UK, and was a minor hit elsewhere in Europe. “Tear Off Your Own Head (It’s a Doll Revolution)” and “I Will Take Care of You” were next released as singles, the latter reaching No. 79 in the UK. All three songs had lead vocals by Susanna Hoffs.

In the US, an edition with a bonus DVD with interviews and the video to “Something That You Said” was released. In Japan, the group included as bonus tracks both songs from their first 45 single released in 1981, “Getting out of Hand” and “Call on Me” (the first time they had been released on CD), as well as an alternate mix of “Something That You Said.”

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