BLEACH LAB – ” Never Be “

Posted: November 8, 2020 in MUSIC

Maybe THE next big thing? After I told you about King Hannah the other week right here which already felt like a 2020 update of Mazzy Star. Today, I give you South London band Bleach Lab which head for a similar vibe on their haunting new single “Never Be”. It feels like a warm summer dream, hopelessly romantic, slightly melancholic and carried by the wonderful performance of singer Jenna Kyle. It’s the sort of stuff melancholic indie music dreams are made of and the sort of sound that still manages to give me goosebumps after so many years. You might call it ‘retro’, I call it timeless and really hope that this new group from South-London will warm your old indie music hearts as well, especially in those weird and chaotic times.

Bleach Lab have this real assurance to their sound. Every note feels as though it’s in its right place, as if it could scarcely be argued it had ever belonged anywhere else.

Take new song ‘Never Be’. A slo-mo tale of a relationship coming apart at the seams, its emotional intensity it driven by a phenomenal addiction to beauty. We’re hearing aspects of Slowdive or even Mazzy Star, while their hushed tones and slightly gothic atmosphere put us in mind of Daughter perhaps.

Lead singer Jenna Kyle explains:

“The track is about taking a physical and metaphorical step out from a wearing relationship and moving away. Continuing life in a new city that you were supposed to live in together and trying to navigate around a breakup that never truly had a resolution. I was attempting to overcome the feelings of wanting everything to go back to the way it was even though I knew in my heart that it wasn’t right”.

“As tender as its name implies, Bleach Lab’s third single “Sleep” is a haunting and intimate reverie: A raw, hypnotic, and visceral dream brought to life by a promising new band.”

Bleach Lab indie/dream-pop band, formed in late 2018. “Sleep” was released back in June, 2020, “Sleep” is just the third single from Buckinghamshire-born, South London-based band. Consisting of vocalist Jenna Kyle, drummer Shawn Courtney, bassist Josh Longman, and guitarist Frank Wates, the group formed in late 2018 and have been slowly charting their own course in the world.

The band’s bittersweet debut single “Heartache of the Season” set the pace in November 2019, introducing them as something of a blend of Daughter and The xx, CHVRCHES, Alvvays, and The 1975: Subtle nuance marries impassioned alternative sounds and pop songwriting across Bleach Lab’s three releases, each of which – from “Heartache of the Season” to this February’s grungy “Burnt Orange,” to “Sleep” – deserves our undivided time and attention.

Bleach Lab © Isy Townsend

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