As hinted by the official David Bowie site earlier this week, there is a new product release for . Parlophone will soon issue as series of Bowie live albums with material recorded between 1995 and 1999 under the banner ‘Brilliant Live Adventures’.

These are six albums which will all be made available on CD and vinyl, but as “limited one run only pressings”. The first release is called “Ouvrez Le Chien”This was previously a streaming-only live album but will be released physically at the end of this month. It features audio recorded at the Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, 13th October, 1995, during the U.S. leg of the Outside tour.

Brilliant Live Adventures’ will see previously unreleased live recordings by the late star from 1995-1999 released on limited edition vinyl and CD.

Ouvrez Le Chien was produced by David Bowie and recorded by Steve Guest. The musicians are David Bowie – vocals and saxophone, Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar, Reeves Gabrels – lead guitar and vocals, Gail Ann Dorsey – bass and vocals, Zachary Alford – drums, Peter Schwartz – musical director, keyboards and synthesisers, George Simms – vocals, Mike Garson – piano and keyboards.

I think it’s reasonable to presume that the two other streaming exclusives – Something In The Air (Live Paris 99) listen on will be amongst the remaining five yet-to-be-announced concerts, but we’ll have to wait and see about the other three.

All these live albums will ONLY be available via David Bowie’s online store or the newly rebranded Rhino store ‘Dig!’ and for now Ouvrez Le Chien is the only one you can pre-order.

Parlophone are incentivising you to buy all six albums, by offering empty boxes with ‘Brilliant Live Adventures’. The idea is you buy the boxes to house your purchases. Neither are available yet from the Dig! store – you have to ‘register your interest’ but on Bowie’s shop they are showing as ‘sold out’ (CD was £12, vinyl box £17). As we approach the season of goodwill, you’d think, if you buy all six albums under one account, they might actually GIVE you a box… but apparently not (Disc Union in Japan do this very thing – if you purchase a ‘set’ of mini-LP CD vinyl replicas, they give you a ‘free’ box).

The ‘Brilliant Live Adventures’ reissue series follows a host of David Bowie reissues also shared in 2020.

The star’s 1975 album ‘Young Americans’ received a limited edition vinyl reissue in celebration of its 45th anniversary last month, while ‘Something in the Air (Live Paris 99)’, a 15-track LP capturing Bowie’s 1999 performance in France as part of his ‘Hours Tour’, was also released.

Another Bowie live album, ‘’, came out back in May. Originally available on the now-defunct BowieNet, the record never received a commercial release after it was shared on the online platform 19 years ago.

“Ouvrez Le Chien” will be released on 30th October 2020.

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