RIBBON STAGE – ” My Favorite Shrine ” EP

Posted: October 13, 2020 in MUSIC
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ribbon stage

If you’re looking for indie-pop thrills this quarantined fall, you won’t find many better than the ones on , this debut EP from New York City trio Ribbon Stage. Jamming five songs into eight minutes — the longest, “Personal Hell,” maxes out at a lean 2:21 —  the EP is all sugar-buzz hooks and aching guitars, approaching the platonic ideal of what a DIY band can do with the right mix of amateur enthusiasm and accidental pop songcraft. When it ends, you’ll want to listen again; you’ll probably listen to it a few more times after that, too, unless you have somewhere better to be right now than the blissed-out basement show in your head.

This NYC/Olympia trio’s debut EP was more fun than most full-lengths in 2020. The elements are nothing new — take some lo-fi guitars and sweet melodies, shake ’em up and perform with great feeling — but Ribbon Stage make every note sting as freshly as your first unrequited crush. Songs like “Rid Myself,” “Reasons Why,” and the excellently titled “Cry in the Driveway” are mini-masterpieces of sulky garage pop, and they all clock in at under two minutes. At that length, any fan of this kind of music would be fooling themselves if they don’t give My Favorite Shrine at least one listen through. Once you do, the hooks are there to stay.

Ribbon Stage is a very new band, formed last year by three friends in New York using the punk-rock pen names of Anni Hilator (bass and lead vocals), Jolie M-A (guitar), and David Sweetie (drums). The songs on My Favorite Shrine were initially intended as a demo tape before making their way to the venerable Pacific Northwest indie label K Records, which released it as a vinyl seven-inch in its International Pop Underground, He first crossed paths with Jolie at the late, lamented Brooklyn venue Silent Barn, where she was performing with a noise band for an audience that she recalls as being “99 percent friends.” David was impressed by her stage presence all the same: “I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I need to make a band with Jolie.’”


Released August 7th, 2020

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