JACK WHITE – ” Live On Saturday Night Live “

Posted: October 11, 2020 in MUSIC

This week’s Saturday Night Live musical guest was supposed to be Morgan Wallen, before the country singer got himself disinvited. At short notice on Friday morning, SNL creator Lorne Michaels announced that Jack White — whose best-known band, The White Stripes, who releases a greatest-hits album in December — would show up to perform in Wallen’s place. With no new material to promote, White cranked out a few scorching career highlights, including 2014’s solo hit “Lazaretto” — which he performed with a guitar designed for him by the late Eddie Van Halen  and kicking off with a fantastic medley.

This song White chose is a medley of his Beyonce collaboration “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” the White Stripes classic “Ball and Biscuit” and Blind Willie Johnson’s “Jesus is Coming Soon” which was recorded in 1928 about the 1918 flu pandemic. For his second song, he played “Lazaretto” on that signature guitar and Jack incorporated a little EVH-style tapping too.

The drummers name is Daru Jones, he’s endorsed by; Paiste, DW/PDP, Ahead Drumsticks. He is talented as all get out! He plays the drums like that for ergonomics and to allow for his choppy playing style (at least that’s what he’s said in interviews.)

Musical guest Jack White performs a medley of “Ball and Biscuit,” “Don’t Hurt Yourself” and “Jesus Is Coming Soon” on Saturday Night Live. .interweaving Blind Willie Johnson’s “Jesus is Coming Soon” about the 1918 flu pandemic w/ Ball & Biscuit…only Jack White could have pulled off a song to save 2020,

The Musical guest Jack White performs a medley of “Lazaretto” on Saturday Night Live. Jack White dedicated his “Saturday Night Live” musical performance to another fellow rocker: Eddie Van Halen. In a touching tribute to the late Van Halen who died of cancer at 65 on Tuesday, “The White Stripes” frontman abandoned his own guitar to instead use a cobalt blue model. The show then featured a short clip of Van Halen’s guitar performance in February 1987 on “Saturday Night Live.” Host Bill Burr ended the show by saying “rest in peace, Eddie Van Halen.” Hours before his appearance, White, 45, teased that he would be using his “Saturday Night Live” performance to honour the musical legend, whom he described as “very kind.”

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