CUT WORMS – ” Nobody Lives Here Anymore “

Posted: October 9, 2020 in MUSIC
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It is October 9th already. Where’d the year go? Oh yeah…… well As of midnight, my double record album “Nobody Lives Here Anymore” is now officially released. Being “born” today, this album shares a birthday with John Lennon who would’ve been 80. That wasn’t intentional but I‘ll take it, seems like a good omen. It’s strange and a little unsettling to be releasing a record right now (not to speak of simply being alive right now)—No shows, no parties no getting together… alls quiet on that front. But quiets good for listening to records. and now’s the best time for this one. I suppose it could easily get lost in the shuffle—There’s certainly more important things going on in the world—but I do hope this thing gives some love and light to those whom it reaches. I agree with Mr. Lennon when he said “love is all you need.” Lord knows we need it. Thank you very much to everyone who helped make this record happen and to everyone who continues to follow what I do and give your support. I appreciate you. To everyone who still Lives Here… Be well… Love, Max (Cut Worms)

Brooklyn-based songwriter, Max Clarke, the man behind Cut Worms, is set to unleash his latest set of tracks into the world with next week’s release of new album, “Nobody Lives Here”. The follow-up to 2018’s acclaimed second album, Hollow Ground, Nobody Lives Here was recorded at Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis, Tennessee with producer Matt Ross-Spang. Ahead of that release, this week Max has shared two new tracks from the record, “Veteran’s Day” and “Walk With Me“.

As with the previous offerings from the record, both Veteran’s Day and Walk With Me showcase the more immediate approach to recording adopted for this record. Both tracks channel Max’s penchant for nostalgic-Americana; Walk With Me in particular wouldn’t sound out of place alongside Frankie Vallie on a 1960’s diner jukebox. Veteran’s Day is perhaps the more intriguing of the two; a delicious piece of unhurried folk-pop, all languid echoing piano and easy sun-dappled guitar lines, as Max sings a tale of love and disillusionment. You can almost feel him growing older as he sings, “caught up in my dream, you won’t get free, you start to get the feeling you’re lost out at sea.

Tell all the old men stop telling tales, nobody really believes in chasing white whales”. Cut Worms have always sounded like they’re from another era, here more than ever they seem to offer a perfect snapshot of the past heyday of the American dream, even if he’s far too young to remember that – right now we might all need that moment of rose-tinted escapism.

Nobody Lives Here is out November 9th via Jagjaguwar Recordings

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