PORRIDGE RADIO – ” 7 Seconds “

Posted: September 14, 2020 in MUSIC
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hello we have a new song for you
it’s called “7 seconds” – listen here https://porridgeradio.ffm.to/7seconds
“7 Seconds” started out sounding really different to this version. I wrote the words a few years ago and made a really slow sad song to go with them, but it never felt fully like a porridge band song. Early last year I was sitting with Sam and I played it to him and asked if he could help me speed it up and make it less miserable. He wrote the keyboard riff almost immediately and we were so into it that we listened to the 7 second loop for an hour.
Late last summer we spent a week in Margate at PRAH studios and showed Maddie and Georgie, and with them the rest of the song came together really fast. We didn’t think we’d get a chance to record it for ages, but some things work out and we’re happy to share it with you now.

Thanks so much Marta Salogni for your work on this song,

“7 Seconds” the new song by Porridge Radio out September 14th on Secretly Canadian.

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