JONATHAN BREE – ” After The Curtains Close “

Posted: September 9, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Enigmatic Kiwi songwriter Jonathan Bree is enjoying the support of an international audience as a solo artist, following his time as a leader of New Zealand indie pop band The Brunettes. A true maverick behind a mask, his dedication to anonymity combined with his distinct monotone style marks him out as a true innovator. The phrase “a mystery wrapped in an enigma” comes to mind when considering both the music and visage of New Zealand-based performer, Jonathan Bree. The songwriter and front man, who rose to popularity with the 2017 track, “You’re So Cool” which features Bree in a very blank, very interesting mask-costume, twists a hole in your psyche and won’t leave. His songs are like coffee in the morning with a touch of both sugar and cream. They’re smooth and warm with a kiss of the bittersweet. In the end, though, Bree’s songs energize in their own inimitable manner. We caught up with the musician, who released his latest record, “After the Curtains Close”, in July, to talk about when he first donned the mask that has become so permanent a part of his aesthetic, how he first fell in love with music, how he landed on his baritone croon and much more.

“I like that the mask means people can make their own connection. There’s an element of personal projection—people can see or feel what they want to.”

Following on from the huge popularity of debut album ‘The Primrose Path’, Bree’s fanbase has continued to swell with successive titles ‘A Little Night Music’ and ‘Sleepwalking’. This year, he returns with his finest record yet; ‘After The Curtains Close’ which is his own unique take on a breakup record.

Bree first embarked on his solo career with the release of debut album ‘The Primrose Path’ in 2013. Combining post-modern irony with a retro 60’s style, his signature sound was accompanied with a striking live image employing the use of an amorphous spandex mask obscuring his face but drawing greater attention to the music.

Huge success came in 2017 with the release of hit single ‘You’re So Cool’ which has amassed over 13 million views on YouTube alone!

It’s been two years since his last LP, but now Bree is back with one of the year’s most intriguing albums – ‘After The Curtains Close’. Featuring the singles ‘Heavenly Vision’, ‘In The Sunshine’ and ‘Kiss My Lips’ which sees him team up with Princess Chelsea; ‘After The Curtains Close’ is already regarded as the essential record of 2020.

Jonathan Bree will be heading to the UK in Spring next year to promote his latest LP ‘After The Curtains Close’ with dates in May.

Tickets are on sale with Gigantic and already selling fast!

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