LOMELDA – ” Hannah Sun “

Posted: September 2, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Lomelda, the stage name of Hannah Read, this month shared the new single “Hannah Sun.” After releasing “Wonder” and “It’s Infinite,” this is Hannah’s third and final preview of her upcoming album, “Hannah”, out Sept. 4 via Double Double Whammy. “This song was written for 3 maybe 4 listeners to hear,” Read said. “But boomer Hannah forgot how the internet works and performed it on YouTube. Now it is for everyone. I am glad that people want to listen to this song, but I don’t understand why they want to.”

Hannah Read takes a breath, counts in “one, two, one, two,” and lets out a sigh. The first moments of Lomelda’s latest album Hannah are not for us but for her. It’s a subtle reset. There’s relief and resignation in having another opportunity to excavate the deepest, stickiest parts of one’s soul again, in a recorded musical form. Since she started putting out music in 2015, one of Read’s goals with Lomelda has been to be honest, with both the audience and herself.

“Hannah Sun” is undoubtedly the centerpiece of Lomelda’s Hannah. It’s a relaxed late-summer jam bristling with woodwinds and a brightness that’s hard to place, but undeniably present. She floats through various locales (“my hometown,” “Chicago,” “Atlanta” and “Jersey,” to name a few) while reminiscing on the lessons learned through a particular relationship (“Glad you held me too, though I didn’t know how to be closer to you,” she sings) before addressing herself directly (“Hannah, do no harm”). Like so many painters and poets have done before her, Hannah Read creates a self-portrait in “Hannah Sun,” and it’s a dazzling thesis for this record.

“The songs on “Hannah” sound unhurried, like they have nothing to prove; even when they’re busy and brash, they feel elementally simple. And there’s perfection in that simplicity.”

Written by Hannah Read Produced by Tommy Read and Hannah Read Vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, piano, fx and synths by Hannah Read Electric guitar by Andrew Hulett 12-string guitar by Tommy Read Drums by Charlie Martin

“Hannah Sun” by Lomelda From ‘Hannah’ out September 4th, 2020 on Double Double Whammy

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