FENNE LILY – ” Solipsism “

Posted: August 31, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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This week, singer songwriter Fenne Lily released a new single “Solipsism” it’s from her forthcoming album “Breach”, out September. 18th via Dead Oceans Records. The new track follows the release of previous singles “Berlin” and “Alapathy” and standalone tracks “To Be a Woman Pt. 2” and “Hypochondriac.” “A lot of situations make me uncomfortable — some parties, most dates, every time I’m stoned in the supermarket,” Lily says. “‘Solipsism’ is a song about being comfortable with being uncomfortable and the freedom that comes with that. If you feel weird for long enough it becomes normal, and feeling anything is better than feeling nothing. I wanted this video to be a reflection of the scary thought that I’ll have to live with myself forever. It’s surreal to realise you’ll never live apart from someone you sometimes hate. Dad, if you’re reading this you killed it as shopper number 2.”

The new single ‘Solipsism’ is now in the world (via Dead Oceans) alongside a bonkers video ft. my dad and Willie J Healey. It’s for anyone who has been or still is scared of everything — for anyone who feels like Louis Theroux at parties — for myself looking back on 21 as a weird time, not the end of the world.

Thank you to Joe Sherrin on bass and guitars, Josh Sparks on drums, Brian Deck and Ali Chant for producing and mixing, Tom Clover for directing and the 40+ shoot day team who worked tirelessly to bring my dumb ideas to life

“Solipsism” the new song by Fenne Lily off ‘Breach’, out September 18 on Dead Oceans Records.

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