SOURDOUGH – ” My Lines “

Posted: August 27, 2020 in MUSIC
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Post-punk band Sourdough have released their exhilarating new single ‘My Lines’ via Vandalism Begins At Home Records, A song born out of frustration but soon breaks out from any barriers creating a defiant punk song. Sourdough were formed in summer 2018 but since then the trio have gained quite a reputation from audiences in London & surrounding cities. Combining catchy hooks with fuzzy guitars & a fluent rhythm section the trio have definitely made their impact on the live music scene playing various festivals including Wilkestock Festival. The band now seem to be turning their attentions to writing impressive songs in the studio with what will be their 3rd single ‘My Lines’.

‘My Lines’ is a Nick Cave inspired Molotov cocktail of eloquent self reflection & incendiary riot starting. The opening line ’I wish I was a vampire; I’d suck the soul out of every situation I’ve ever been involved in’ is a reference to a Nick Cave quote which pays homage to a creative genius but also broods anarchy straight from the off. The song is played at a blistering pace and is accompanied by loud & raw vocals which fit the theme of the song superbly.


Here’s our new thrasher, My Lines. Brought to you by Vandalism Begins At Home Records. With their talented song writing & punk rock sound Sourdough will definitely be a band to keep your eyes on in future as they continue to branch out to wider audiences. Would highly recommend for fans of Fontaines DC & IDLES.

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