BANANAGUN – ” Out Of Reach “

Posted: August 18, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Bananagun on

Bananagun follow up the release of their wonderfully received debut album “The True Story of Bananagun” with a remix from Maston. The band gave Frank free reign to turn the track inside out, and boy did he deliver!

Maston’s mix of “Out of Reach” slows things down to an easy pace, enabling the original’s rich melodies to sit at the forefront, resulting in an endless earworm. Band leader Nick Van Bakel told us a bit more about why they decided to work with Frank Maston:

“We thought Frank would be good for the job because we liked his albums and you can tell from listening to them he knows his way around a mix, and also I like his style, seemed like a like-minded fellow. “We weren’t expecting it to sound so sexy, in a mellow Stax / Motown way I like it. We’ve heard that song so much now so it’s cool having this new sensual spin. “I’m sure we’ve never met but have mutual friends. I got in touch via email, it was all easy going. Frank’s real enthusiastic and into it, it’s always such a pleasure working with people like that!

“We hope you enjoy!” Watch the band-made accompanying video here:

The band will be coming over to the UK to play their first shows next May. Tickets are on sale now with more to be announced soon – full dates & info are available soon

The True Story of Bananagun is now available to buy

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