HOLLY HUMBERSTONE – ” Falling Asleep At The Wheel “

Posted: August 15, 2020 in MUSIC
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Rising UK-based singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone’s spellbinding debut EP is nothing short of pure perfection. “Falling Asleep At The Wheel” continues to prove the singers undeniable talent and skilful song writing abilities. At just 20 years old, Humberstone is carving her own path on her debut release.

Opening with her debut single Deep End, Humberstone opens up about her sisters challenges with depression and her undeniable commitment to being a supportive figure within her life. The honest and emotional track pairs warm guitar chords with a strikingly clear vocal performance. On the ethereal title track, Falling Asleep At The Wheel, navigates a one sided relationship. The song opens with upbeat piano chords before moving into haunting synth sounds over warped handclaps. Soul-baring and candid, ‘Falling Asleep At The Wheel’ is a deeply affecting collection of songs that solely document Humberstone’s own personal fears and emotions, but the power and grace of her sentiments are sure to resonate universally.

I wrote this song a while ago whilst still unsure of who I wanted to be and where I wanted to head musically. Writing this song was probably the first time I felt like I knew who I was within the music I was making. The track is about losing momentum and feeling like your emotions will slowly destroy the relationship you’re in and you altogether. I think the dark, wonky sonics define who I am musically, which is why Falling Asleep At The Wheel is such a milestone track for me, and has taught me so much about myself as a musician. We created the song at the house I grew up in, which is very old and falling apart, in the middle of the countryside. You can almost hear the weird sounds of the house within the track. It’s where I feel the most me and love that this is all coming from that one place.

Falling Asleep At The Wheel is a brilliant debut release. Comparable to music from Lorde and Billie Eilish, Humberstone exhibits a maturity that many of her pop predecessors worked away at for years before achieving. The emotional clarity paired with exciting and stirring sentimental production leaves you wanting more, but the honest and conversational six tracks are more than enough for the moment. Each listen brings new emotions, discovering lyrics you may have missed that hit you directly. Humberstone has exhibited poise and grace on her debut EP, creating an intimate atmosphere to share her innermost thoughts.

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