The INNOCENCE MISSION – ” See You Tomorrow “

Posted: August 12, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Lancaster, PA’s Innocence Mission started out three decades ago as a dream pop band with an alt-rock backbone, but after drummer Steve Brown left for a culinary career, the group saw it as an opportunity to explore a more delicate, folkier side, beginning with 1999’s Birds of My Neighborhood. They’ve never looked back and have been all the better for it. See You Tomorrow is The Innocence Mission’s 12th album and one of their best, with Karen Peris’ heartbreaking voice as always the star of the show. Songs like the demure “At Lake Maureen,” “On Your Side” and “St. Francis and the Future” offer shards of dust-speckled light for that voice to ride upon, with arrangements that never overpower but also offer wonderful surprises, like when the strings and percussion kick in midway through opener “The Brothers Williams Said.” It’s a beautiful strain of melancholy that Peris imbues in these songs, tinged ever so slightly with nostalgia, like that first chilly night in August that has you reaching for a sweater, knowing summer’s days are numbered.

Alternative folk act The Innocence Mission first gained recognition in 1989, when they found chart success with their self-titled debut album. By the time the band released their third album, Glow, in 1995, they had earned a zealous cult following that remains loyal to them to this day. Their songs tend to be exquisitely crafted, featuring ethereally beautiful acoustic-based music and hauntingly introspective and thoughtful lyrics, all combining into a sound that is at once delicate yet intense. The band, led by married couple Karen Peris (vocals, guitar, piano, organ) and Don Peris (guitars, drums vocals), originated when they first met in high school. Now, more than thirty years later, they (along with bassist Mike Bitts) are preparing to release their twelfth studio album, See You Tomorrow (Thérèse Records), on January 17th. Speaking from their home/studio in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they exude the same warmth and sincerity that can be found in their music.

Band Members:
Karen Peris – vocals, guitar, piano, organ
Don Peris – guitars, drums, vocals
Mike Bitts – bass guitar, vocals

The Innocence Mission – See You Tomorrow

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