SUGAR FITZ – ” Skin Sparks “

Posted: August 12, 2020 in MUSIC
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“Sequins, lightning, fancy shoes, a disco ball,” sings on their first single “Skin Sparks,”musclling their punk-garage-glam-pop into existence like a tattooed rabbit from a diamond-studded hat. The Nashville duo, Sugar Fïtz, consisting of singer-songwriters Brianna Sage and Carrie Welling, is something like a magic trick—brash, bold and seemingly out of nowhere. But, of course, these two women are hardly newcomers. With a plethora of solo material, tours, studio work, and years of experience between them, the aim of their aesthetic could not be more precise.

Born out of collective frustration and a wellspring of angst, as well as deep, studied admiration of 80s pop and 70s punk, Sugar Fïtz write the kind of songs you can sing in the shower or scream at a show. “We wanted it to be fucking cool,” Welling says. “The perfect make-out-with-anyone jam,” Sage adds. Teaming up with label owners and producers Alex Dezen and Amber Bollinger, the audaciously low-fi soundtrack provides the perfect accompaniment to the groups riotous lyrics and razor-sharp harmonies (which were recorded remotely from quarantine into their smartphones, no less). Like a spiked collar around a love song, “Skin Sparks” isn’t aiming for subtly. It scratches and soothes, belts and whispers in equal measure, all while dragging you behind it on a leash. You’d think music like this would come with a safe word.

First single by Sugar Fïtz! Written by Brianna Sage & Carrie Welling, “Skin Sparks,” is the first single fromSugar Fïtz, will be released later this year fromPoor Man Records.

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