RYAN and PONY – ” Moshi Moshi “

Posted: August 7, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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When Soul Asylum needed a new lead guitarist in 2016, Ryan Smith answered the call, indefinitely delaying the Ryan and Pony show in the process. Freed to work on side projects, having fulfilled his duties with the mangy Twin Cities alternative-rock curs on their strong 2020 knockout Hurry Up and Wait, Smith hooked up again with Pony, aka Kathie Hixon-Smith, for the sleek, fast-paced indie rock of Moshi Moshi, their debut LP.

Stuffed with tight hooks and bristling with propulsive, cyber-punk energy, it’s still an emotionally resonant, human record that’s timely and insightful, as the dark pulse of “First Night” races, the thumping, squeaky clean “Start Making Sense” lives with modern tension and “Starry Eyes” glazes over in a rushing dream-pop reverie. Slick, infectious EDM moves “Cinematic” and “Fast As I Can” glide along and groove, as Ryan and Pony take Prince’s “I Would Die 4 You” on a guitar-oriented, rock ‘n roll joy ride. Ryan And Pony is a brand-new project from two indie-rockers who have been kicking around the much-vaunted Minneapolis music scene for years. Their debut album Moshi Moshi was recorded at a variety of Minneapolis studios including Flight Simulator, Flowers, Master Mix, and The Kill Room with Ryan producing. 

Ryan is a workaholic multi-instrumentalist who has been playing lead guitar in Soul Asylum since 2016. Pony is a flamboyant performer and artist raised by deaf parents. Together they have made numerous albums and toured internationally leading The Melismatics. On Moshi Moshi they fuse Dream-Pop, post-Punk, Brit-rock, EDM, and good ol’ fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll into a sound all their own; irony, weirdness, and melody are at its heart. Peter Anderson (The Ocean Blue, Run Westy Run, The Honeydogs) adds his killer drum skills to the mix.

It’s even easier to fall for the sweet jangle-pop sparkler “Trouble in Mind” – song of the year candidate? – and the moonstruck, ’60s girl-group swoon of “Be Still My Baby.” Moshi Moshi doesn’t play hard to get.

Band Members:
Ryan-singing and stuff
Pony-singing and stuff
Featuring Peter Anderson on drums

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