LIAR FLOWER – ” Geiger Counter “

Posted: August 7, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Liar, Flower cvr

Considered one of the original “Riot Grrrls” by no less an authority than Courtney Love, the reclusive Katie Jane Garside is again ready for her close-up. Once the shrieking, whispering doll in dirty, ripped dresses who angrily fronted noisy indie-rock terrorists Daisy Chainsaw in the late 1980s and early ‘90s, Garside has been collaborating more recently with partner Chris Whittingham as Ruby Throat, releasing four albums and an EP under that name.

Now going by Liar, Flower, the duo unveil the brilliantly arty and delightfully confounding alternate reality of “Geiger Counter”, where the wintry folk of “Baby Teeth,” the ethereal and haunting “Blood Berries” and an eerily quiet “Hole in My Hand” consort with the carnivalesque romp “Little Brown Shoes” and the radioactive, glam-rock euphoria of “My Brain is Lit Light an Airport.” A dirty bomb going off in an electrical storm, the latter surges forward on the strength of a magnetic, repeating guitar riff, just as the trashy, distorted blues of a crackling “Mud Stars” is sucked into glittery sonic quicksand. Often coy and alluring, with outbursts of witchy, bloody screams and squeals, the sheer diversity of Garside’s uniquely textured vocal mania is dramatic and dizzying, just like the fairy tale poetry of Geiger Counter.

“Little Brown Shoe” from the album ‘Geiger Counter’ by: Liar Flower

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