BROOKE ANNIBALE – ” Home Again “

Posted: August 2, 2020 in MUSIC
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Originally from Pennsylvania and now based out of Rhode Island, Brooke Annibale has been sharing her music with the world for the best part of a decade after emerging with her debut album, “Silence Worth Breaking”, back in 2011. Since then Brooke has shared stages with the likes of Margaret Glaspy, Iron & Wine and Rufus Wainwright, as well as releasing a series of records, culminating in 2018’s “Hold To The Light”. Brooke recently returned with her latest single, “Home Again”.

Home Again was released back in June to coincide with what would have been Brooke’s wedding day, sadly what should have been a celebration, like much of 2020, was put on hold, although the song remains a statue of the love between her and her partner. Originally written at the start of Brooke’s relationship with her girlfriend, Brooke has described Home Again as, “a song about falling in love, figuring out how to communicate our love for one another, and ultimately build a life and home together”. Musically, the track is a slow-burning slice of Americana-tinged indie, Brooke’s easy vocals gliding atop a backing of driving drums and a rich twang of guitar, as she lays out her dreams for a bright future with the woman she loves.

A song with a beautiful back story that shows exactly where Brooke Annibale’s songwriting is headed, Home Again ultimately, despite the difficulties and delays, remains a celebration, as Brooke explains, “we will indeed be able to get married surrounded by the people that we love…just not today”.

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