RON GALLO – ” Peacemeal “

Posted: July 29, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Ron Gallo’s time in quarantine has been filled with creativity, allowing space for him to create his new album, PEACEMEAL due out October 9th. I’ve enjoyed each time Ive seen him Ron Gallo –  and his live band are teriffic live, his music and his online persona – since I came across him a few years ago. He’s kind of a free-spirited wild card in that you don’t what you’re going to get with his music. The Philly-based rocker comes off a year’s break with a colourful new batch of songs,

PEACEMEAL, appears to be a pun on the bite-sized nature of the project and the state of mind they were recorded in, clearly preceding the chaotic events of the year it will have been released in. 

As a first taste of the record, Ron Gallo is sharing “Wunday (Crazy After Dark)” and its video, which similarly feels starkly off-topic (and therefore refreshing) for quarantine with its blunt opening line: “All I wanna do is go to the store and not see anyone I know.” “It’s an introvert summertime party jam celebrating alone time and isolation, but then after too much solo time starting to go crazy.,”

“The video is self-directed, shot and edited, being limited to whatever Chiara [his wife] and I can do with an iPhone, the two of us and our immediate surroundings. Wanted to recreate a sunny day in the happily solo life, then turning into a psycho after the sun goes down desperate for human connection.”

from upcoming album, “PEACEMEAL”, out 10/9/20.

PIAS, [Merlin] Redeye Distribution (on behalf of New West Records)

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