Posted: July 23, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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We first got to know Courtney Marie Andrews back in 2018 when she recounted for us her journey from emo to country on the occasion of releasing her breakthrough Americana solo record May Your Kindness Remain. Just two years later and it sounds like she’s been churning out these folksy sounds her entire career with her heartbroken new LP Old Flowers.

Perhaps that was the missing ingredient in her solo career, which now spans over a decade—the themes of love and heartbreak haunt the new record in a way that never felt this present on previous releases. The shaky minimalism of songs like “If I Told” are shockingly vulnerable, while full-band numbers like “It Must Be Someone Else’s Fault” match this openness in Andrews’ lyrics.

In the spirit of this theme of love and heartbreak, CMA has assembled eleven tracks that she sees as spiritual predecessors to Old Flowers’ lovelorn charm.

I wanna tell you about the small group of musicians on this record. At the beginning of 2019, I wanted to try out a few producers to test out who would best fit these songs. After only one session with Andrew Sarlo, I knew he had the keen empathy and magic to produce this very personal record. He was very in tune with the vision. We both agreed the record needed to be soft and intimate, so we decided to only take two musicians on board as the band. One of those players is one of my favourite musicians in the whole world, Matthew Davidson (Twain) He is a big part of this record, and recording with him is inspiring because every take is a journey. Then, Sarlo suggested we bring James Krivchenia on board to play drums, but James ended up adding so much more. Playing with these two in a room was pure inspiration and magic. Every take was its own, a journey into possibility. Nothing felt regimented or sterile. It felt like throwing paint on canvas, no sound off-limits.

I am proud to release the final single from my new upcoming record,
‘Old Flowers’. (Coming out July 24th!) ‘How You Get Hurt’ is a heartbreak saga. Learning to love again, but afraid and unsure? This song is for you. Recording this offered so many magical moments in the studio and this one sits close to my heart

Old Flowers is out this Friday, July 24, via Fat Possum Records

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