COUNTRY WESTERNS – ” Country Westerns “

Posted: July 16, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Matt Sweeney, produced this Country Westerns album. Singer-guitarist Joey Plunkett left NYC for Nashville after making a name for himself in legends The Weight & hustling bass in Gentleman Jesse. In 2019, Sabrina Rush joined on bass. Nashville drummer Brian Kotzur was a member of Silver Jews and David Berman encouraged them to record with me and Fat Possum Records gave them a record deal.


Country Westerns is a three-piece rock band from Nashville that sounds nothing like its name. Drummer Brian Kotzur (Trash Humpers, Silver Jews) and singer-songwriter-guitarist Joseph Plunket (The Weight, Gentleman Jesse) began working on songs together in 2016, after bonding over the shared desire to be in a band in a town full of solo artists and guns-for-hire. Following a couple of years writing and playing shows with varying lineups, Sabrina Rush (State Champion) joined the band as bassist. The now complete Country Westerns recorded their debut album in New York and Nashville, encouraged by friend and producer Matt Sweeney. Plunket’s raspy bravado and subtle twang, his insistent 12-string guitar riffs, Kotzur’s dynamic and metronomic drumming, and Rush’s harmonic bass playing create hyper catchy rock songs, with lyrics that bend towards poetry and punk rock sneer in equal measure. Their self-titled debut is slated for release in 2020 on Fat Possum Record. This is guitar-driven garagey americana that doesn’t sound like anything else out there right now.
Released June 26th, 2020

Country Westerns played a private set at Grimey’s Music in Nashville to celebrate the release of their self titled debut album on Fat Possum Records. Love everything about this. It’s got the primo vocal gravel with an infectious rhythm and upbeat tone. Great mix of punky twang polished and mixed like a modern Manhattan in the calloused hands of an urban cowboy gone rogue.
Slow Nights 00:14 It’s Not Easy 3:32 TV Light 6:47 Gentle Soul 10:17 I’m Not Ready 13:19 Close To Me 17:35 Guest Checks 20:16 Times To Tunnels 23:48 At Anytime 26:51 Margaritas At The Mall (Purple Mountains) 30:15

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