The SOFT BOYS – ” Underwater Moonlight ” Classic Albums Released on 28th June 1980

Posted: June 28, 2020 in MUSIC
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Happy 40th, Underwater Moonlight! I can feel every inch of the time that’s passed since then. Then, as now, anxiety dominated the horizon and the world seemed to be governed by imbeciles. Underwater Moonlight! appeared only on vinyl (the digital future was a way off) and I took my copy out of its sleeve (lovingly photographed by George Wright) and looked in wonder at the Armageddon label. Richard Bishop, then an enthusiastic employee of Caroline Exports formed the label specifically to release the LP – and it was he who got the Soft Boys to New York that August for our only US tour. My sister Lal created the mannequins, who always felt like our alternative parents: she and my other sister Fleur helped George set up the photo, at dusk, on a Dorset beach. The whole record was made for about £700. The album was initially unsuccessful commercially, especially in the UK, where over half the sales were exports to America. the music on the album showed the influence of The Beatles, The Byrds and Syd Barrett.

The budget was love, not money. The record is our little contribution to rock’n’roll, to be placed reverentially in the pile with ‘Revolver’, ‘Younger Than Yesterday’ and ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’: second generation psychedelia, and I’m very happy to see that it now has its niche in the rock grotto. Respect and love to Matthew Seligman, whose energy galvanized us into making this record – and thank you to everyone else who involved. Happy Sunday Morris Windsor and Kimberley Rew – many Thanks Robyn Hitchcock.

I discovered the musical phenomenon that is Robyn Hitchcock, but I eventually found my way to this gem. God bless The Soft Boys, and thanks to Robyn Hitchcock for making my musical rainbow even more colourful.

Today it’s hard to understand how the lightly psychedelic pop-rock of the Soft Boys was ever considered anything close to punk. Frontman Robyn Hitchcock is basically just Elvis Costello without the need to appear at every all-star jam. “Underwater Moonlight” sounds like the best bar band in the world playing hits from a world that’s better than our own. “I Wanna Destroy You” and “Queen of Eyes,” especially, should be radio staples,

The Soft Boys reunion in 1994 perform their classic song on the BBC – Mark Radcliffe show, featuring 7 members including Robyn Hitchcock, Kimberley Rew, and 2 bass players ... Matthew Seligman and Andy Metcalfe,

The Soft Boys
Robyn Hitchcock – guitar, vocals, rhythm bass
Kimberley Rew – guitar, vocals, bass
Matthew Seligman – bass
Morris Windsor – drums, vocals

“Underwater Moonlight” is the second studio album by English rock band The Soft Boys, released on 28th June 1980 by record label Armageddon.

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