Posted: June 13, 2020 in MUSIC
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Francesca Blanchard is a French-born songwriter based in Burlington, Vermont. Since the release of her bilingual folk debut Deux Visions in 2015, the genre-bending songwriter has been busy redefining her wheelhouse. Following a year of extensive touring throughout the US and Europe, Blanchard took some time to rediscover what she wanted to say — and how to say it. She gave rein to a growing interest in production, marking a departure from her acoustic roots. The result is melodic indie-pop bursting with bold vulnerability, cathartic relief and a refreshing dose of self-awareness — a direction that demonstrates the artist’s evolving critical consciousness and relish for catchy hooks. Francesca’s sonic intuition remains expert and beautiful, but her newfound sense of play makes this work her most daring and relatable yet.

Blanchard has a knack for fusing fuzzy pop sounds with her folk roots à la Maggie Rogers, crafting hooks as she goes. The title track from her new album (a follow-up to her 2015 bilingual debut Deux Visions) is a solid indie-pop number that tracks a private dance party turned public: “Whenever I’m in dire need of returning to myself, I’ll turn my face towards the sun and go climb a mountain,” Blanchard writes in a press statement. “Over the past year, I have danced alone to this song on mountaintops in my headphones, reliving the elation I discovered when I wrote it. It’s been a sort of private, secret celebration. Now that the song is no longer mine to keep, I wanted to share that dance with others, to bring it to life.”

new album Make It Better out June 12th

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