MINIBIKES – ” Freaky Dreams “

Posted: June 12, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Minibikes have been soundtracking Australia’s endless summer for over a decade now, releasing their debut collection of tropicana rock ‘n roll For Woods Or Trail in 2011. Since then the somewhat elusive four-piece of Marcel Borrack, Libby Chow, Nathan Farrelly and Al Barden have been scarce on the live music scene, having played a handful of intimate gigs in their time together, but are gearing up to change this trend in a post-COVID world, no doubt to welcome their forthcoming album Freaky Dreams to the world. Their sophomore LP was recorded with Tim Harvey (Jade Imagine, Gena Rose Bruce) and is released today. Available now through Cheersquad’s Bandcamp in a limited edition fluro green or black vinyl.

Things happen slowly in the world of Minibikes… Time seemed to be a big influence on writing, recording and releasing this album. It all started when I walked past the mural that’s on the album cover. It was an aquamarine slice of paradise on the side of a motel, and it set the mood for writing the songs. I wanted to capture lush fantasy and grimy reality in the same place, so I spent a long time gazing at this scene, trying to evoke that feeling in the songs. Along the way I’d be in other towns on the east coast of Australia and similar images of palm trees and whales would reveal themselves, as if by magic they seemed to be everywhere like in some freaky dream. I discovered they were all the work of artist Geoff Slater, who turned out to be awesome and generously allowed me to use the cover image. When I emailed him and explained how I’d been inspired by his work he said “Inspiration has natural power”. I thought “Wow, this guy walks the walk”, so I wrote “Magic Happens” as a tribute to the beachy, 70’s new-age vibes I was imagining him exuding. Now I’ve never met Geoff and I may be completely misrepresenting him in my thinking, but without a doubt he’s a big part of the Freaky Dreams story.

The rest of the songs followed, all of them trying to meld seemingly disparate imagery or instrumentation into a single, if slightly blurry vision. The kind of feeling you might get when you stare into a mural too long I guess.

Released June 12th, 2020

Another freaky dream from the Minibikes featuring Snowy “Freaky Dreams” out on Cheersquad records and tapes.

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