The HELIO SEQUENCE – ” Acoustic Live at the Triple Door “

Posted: June 7, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Helio Sequence is an American Indie Rock duo formed in Beaverton, OR in 1996. The band is composed of Brandon Summers (Vocals/Guitar) and Benjamin Weikel (Drums/Keyboards). Those who have been to a Helio Sequence show know what to expect: a sonic wall of electric guitar and synth, bombastic sub bass, and drum kit acrobatics accompanied by Benjamin’s many expressive faces.
But for one special night on March 31st, 2015 we rewrote the script. At a sold out show at Seattle’s beautiful Triple Door, we played a fully acoustic set.

The origins of our acoustic show lay in necessity. In spring of 2014, we were all set to play a benefit for our friends at the Children’s Book Bank at the Old Church in our hometown of Portland. Just a few days before the show, we got an understandably concerned call from the venue letting us know that the high decibel levels of a typical Helio show would quite probably cause structural damage to the fragile building. At first we thought we would just turn down for the event, but soon realized that we’d have to do something much more drastic. So, in a hectic couple of days of rehearsal, we put together our first-ever acoustic set. The show was a success and most importantly we didn’t knock down the Old Church!

In making the acoustic set we learned a new way of looking at our songs. We used different keys, new chord voicings, alternate tunings and a wide range of percussion. Songs that we had known and played for years took on a new life and we were excited about the prospect of sharing them with more people. In early 2015, when we finished up recording our new album, we jumped on the opportunity to put together a special acoustic eve at The Triple Door.


The night was even more magical than we could have imagined. We were both pretty nervous before the show, as it was such new territory to play without the high volume and layers of synths that we’re used to. And we had never performed to a seated, dining audience before. (Listen closely and you’ll hear the gentle clanking of silverware on people’s plates during dinner service!) But everybody was so overwhelmingly supportive and enthusiastic that our apprehension soon melted away. The evening flowed with a wonderful, natural energy. For part of the show, we were joined by phenomenal cellist Samantha Kushnick, marking the unique occasion of Helio Sequence as a trio. And as the show went on, it was a joy to hear people singing along, clapping, and laughing.

We’re so glad we caught the show “on tape” and can now share “The Helio Sequence Acoustic Live at The Triple Door” with everyone. That night served as an uplifting reminder that there’s as much power in the quieter moments as a full bore rock show. And it was confirmation that at root, a song is a form of intimacy and music is the power of a shared experience.

Released June 5th, 2020

Cello on “Hall of Mirrors”, “Battle Lines”, “Broken Afternoon”, and “Hallelujah” by Samantha Kushnick

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