CUPID’S CARNIVAL – ” Color-Blind “

Posted: June 7, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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We are very excited to announce that our second album LP – ‘Color Blind’ has just been released worldwide. Please visit our website

The album is available in the U.S.A from Kool Kat Musik and from the U.K and Europe via Amazon. It is available on all digital download and streaming platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.  It’s pretty safe to say that Beatles fans will get plenty of mileage out of the new one from Cupid’s Carnival. “Color-Blind” is loaded with Beatleisms that never stray too close to Rutle-like parody; Roland Skilton’s Lennon-like lead vocals may recall those halcyon days of yore, but the melodies are all Cupid’s Carnival’s. There is also echoes of early Bee Gees and Badfinger are also on display (check “Baby Blue”—a CC original—for solid proof), and the hypnotic coda of “Yesterday’s Gone” is pure 1967. For those who prefer their Beatleisms a bit more obvious, try “Working All Day” or “She Don’t Care” for some 1965-era fabness. Obscure reference:

The band members are:

Roland Skilton: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Thomas Gray: Piano, Keyboards, Guitars, Backing Vocals, Matthew Fisher: Hammond B3 Organ & Leslie 122, Darrin Mooney: Drums & Percussion, Gordon Davis: Bass Guitar, Greg Bone: Guitars & Electric Sitar

At times, Cupid’s Carnival sounds an awful lot like the long-forgotten ‘80’s UK pop act Scarlet Party. Well done! Cupid’s Carnival

Released on: 2020-05-01

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