Posted: June 5, 2020 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Francis Of Delirium are a somewhat surprising duo, consisting of 18-year-old singer and songwriter Jana Bahrich and collaborator Chris Hewett, some 30 years her senior. The pair didn’t even share a country, splitting themselves between Canada and the US, before settling in their current home of Luxembourg. What they do share is a love of 90’s grunge, the influence of bands like Alice In Chains or Soundgarden colliding with millennial bedroom pop to make something compelling and intriguing. The band are set to release their debut album, “All Change”, next month, and have this week shared a new single, “Ashamed”.

Discussing the track, Jana has suggested it touches on ideas of, “navigating how much of yourself you should be giving out to other people”, and often feeling inadequate for not sharing more of yourself with the world. Musically, as you’d perhaps expect from the themes, Ashamed is a tightly wound-affair, Jana’s rapid tumble of vocals colliding with crunchy guitar lines, in a tense unravelling of emotion. You can almost hear the ideas cycling through Jana’s head, shaping into rapidly formed thoughts before quickly dancing off somewhere else, the music mirroring the whirring of a sleepless mind. A fascinating collision of ideas,

Francis Of Delirium feels like an intoxicating blend, there’s a restlessness and an urgency here, a demand to be heard that we can only recommend you give into, it’s well worthy of your time.

Band Members
Jana Bahrich,
Chris Hewett,
Jeff Hennico,

“All Change” is out June 19th via Dalliance Records.

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