DEHD – ” Loner “

Posted: June 3, 2020 in MUSIC
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Chicago trio Dehd are back with sophomore album “Flower of Devotion”, which will be out June 17th via Fire Talk. “The last record, the vibe was ‘How minimal can it be? What’s the minimum that a song requires to succeed?’ This one was like, ‘How can we make this thing that’s really powerful?,” says singer/guitarist Jason Balla, while singer/bassist Emily Kempf adds, “We didn’t become more perfectionist. We’ve always been really scrappy, but we decided to polish our scrappiness just a little bit.” First single “Loner” is definitely bigger sounding than anything on Dehd’s debut.

“I want nothing more than to be a loner,” Emily Kempf sings early on Flower of Devotion, the new album by Chicago trio Dehd. It’s a startling admission coming from a songwriter who, just a year ago on Dehd’s critically acclaimed Water, wrote eloquently about the joys and pains — more than anything, the necessity — of love, compassion, and companionship. But then, “admission” isn’t really the right word here, given the stridency of Kempf’s tone. “Loner” is a declaration.

Watch the video, which was shot in Joshua Tree and at Chicago’s The Hideout:

From Dehd’s new album “Flower of Devotion” out May 22nd on Fire Talk Records

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