BIG COUNTRY – ” The Seer ” Reissue 2 LP Set

Posted: June 1, 2020 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Big Country / The Seer 2LP reissue

Indie rock band Big Country’s 1986 album “The Seer” is being reissued as an expanded 2LP set in July. The album features the band’s biggest UK hit “Look Away” and the title track features vocals by a certain Ms Kate Bush .This the third proper album by Scottish quartet kicks off with the stellar “Look Away,” a rocking outlaw tale with very cool guitar work from Bruce Watson and lead singer and guitarist Stuart Adamson. However, the simple, anthemic choruses and effects-laden guitars are beginning to wear four years on after the band’s promising breakthrough. After the darkness and social commentary of their second album, `Steeltown‘, the Bigs returned with a set full of soaring majestic romance, Boys Own adventures, soldiers, witches, heroes and tales of the high seas – all polished up with the pop sensibilities that were evident on their 1983 debut, `The Crossing’. As a result, `The Seer’ is a much brasher, more commercially minded work than they were.

Big Country does little to expand on their sound or lyrical themes and is somewhat disappointing. There are a few solid tracks like the stirring “Eiledon,” is an ode to a beautiful land (“I may walk in cities where the wolf once had his fill”) and `Hold the Heart’, a ballad of a man hoping his lover will come back to him (“I would lie and curse the day, And visit places where we lay alone, And find them turned to stone”).Then things pick up again with the grand rocking adventure of `Remembrance Day’, `The Red Fox’ and the breath taking album closer, `The Sailor’.

It managed to chart three singles in the U.K., with “Look Away” going Top Ten. The opening single, `Look Away’ is a rollicking rock track about a man on the run after committing a murder, desperately trying to retain the trust of his woman and convince her to ignore the stories she will hear about him. There is Wild West undertone to this that finds its perfect sonic partner in the third track, `The Teacher’ about a young man’s first love. “The Seer” is an epic Celtic journey through the visions of rape and pillage foretold by a Seer who “washed her hair among the stones”.

The new vinyl edition is pressed on two 180g black vinyl records and features four bonus tracks. These are ‘Song Of The South’, ‘Look Away (12” Mix)’, ‘One Great Thing (Disco Mix)’, and ‘Giant’.

The 2LP expanded vinyl reissue of “The Seer” is released on 26 July 2019 via Music On Vinyl.

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